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Chewa Proverb Collection

Kuona maso a nkhono n'kudekha/ kufatsa.
In order to see the eyes of a snail you have to be quiet and patient.
(A snail shows itself only when there is quiet, when it does not feel threatened. Give people time, let people truly be themselves, and you will get to know them. It takes time.)
Proverb No 384 collected by Toon van Kessel
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Bemba Proverb Collection

Uumfwa bakulu / bakalamba alakota.
He who listens to the elders grows old (because he learns from them how to avoid trouble and overcome difficulties).
Amano ni mbuto balalondola'. Uleumfwa ku bakulu. Ulesunga amalango. Cindika abakutangilila.
Proverb No 1656 collected by Frank Carey
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