Dreams: Where do Biblical, Zambian, and Western Approaches Meet?

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Dreams are important in Africa. They guide and they also disturb. Yet when Christians try to find meaning in their dreams, they have to juggle with very different worldviews: African traditions in regards to dreams, Biblical and Christian traditions, and Western psychological traditions. Such worldviews are built on very different premises in regards to the implicit understandings of human nature. Yet there are also significant meeting points that can be used to make an approach to dreams sound: from an African perspective, a Christian perspective and a psychological perspective.

This book identifies and clarifies very important issues when looking at dreams in Zambia’s multicultural context. The book is written for all who have an interest in dreams, from the perspectives of African cultural traditions, psychology and theology. It is of special benefit for those who help people in the pastoral field to deal with compelling dream experiences.

The authors of this book are part of the FENZA team (Faith and Encounter Centre Zambia). They all have extensive experiences in pastoral counselling in Zambian and African settings and are approached regularly for help in regards to dreams. Gotthard Rosner is a Bible scholar who in this book presents a Biblical perspective on dreams. He also provides concrete guidance through a questionnaire that can help when interpreting one’s own dreams.

Bernhard Udelhoven studied social anthropology and looks at dreams in Zambian cultural traditions, in Western psychology and in Church history. Differences in relating to dreams depend largely on the implicit understanding of human nature. Drawing out the meeting points, he proposes that one can approach dreams in a way that is culturally, psychologically and theologically sound when one starts by looking at concrete relationships.

Patrick Mumbi is trained in social anthropology and counselling. He offers in this book one of his personal dream interpretations.

ISBN 978-9982-22-675-2