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Title: Dzedzere-dzedzere salingana nkugweratu

Subtitle: Collection of Chewa Proverbs

Author: Toon van Kessel

Publisher: FENZA

Imprint: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Publication date: May 2015

ISBN: 978-1505619591

Extend: 236 pages.

Format: 15.24cm x 22.86cm (6" x 9")

Binding: Paperback (US Trade Paper)

Distribution in Zambia: FENZA
Catholic Bookshop

Distribution international:

List price: 14.99 US$

Dzedzere-dzedzere salingana nkugweratu: Collection of Chewa proverbs (by Toon van Kessel)

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List price: 14.99 US$

A collection of a 1000 Chewa proverbs. An invaluable source for teachers, preachers, and everybody who loves the Chewa language.

Author: Father Toon van Kessel, Catholic priest working in Zambia since 1968.Presently he works in St. Lawrence Parish, Misisi (Lusaka).

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