The Intensive Course provides a solid grammatical foundation for either Bemba or Nyanja. Each day consists of four hours intensive teaching. This course demands a full-time commitment from the participants. It is expected that the students have time in the afternoons for revision and practice.

Chewa Proverb Collection

Nkhwangwa ikagwa (or: ikati) pa madzi, dzanja pomwepo.
If the axe falls on the water, the hand should be there right away.
(If the axe falls on the water, grab it fast, otherwise it goes down to the bottom of the river and is irretrievable. If there is a problem, tackle it immediately. Do not wait until there is nothing to be done any more.)
Proverb No 763 collected by Toon van Kessel
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Bemba Proverb Collection

Umutembo ufinina kubili / konse konse.
The carrying pole is heavy at both ends (= should be equally loaded at both ends [for balance].).
Umulinganya (pa lupwa) usuma. Kubuko bafukisha imbali shonse. Mu cupo bonse bali no kutemwana.
Proverb No 1539 collected by Frank Carey
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Language & Culture Courses 2017

Intensive courses Chinyanja

Dates: 13 February to 28 April 2016.

Teaching takes place Monday - Friday, 09:00 - 12:30 hours

There is a break during Holy Week

Fees: 3500 kwacha (including course books, dictionaries and other materials). Subject to revision.

Possibilities of accommodation: inquire from