The Intensive Course provides a solid grammatical foundation for either Bemba or Nyanja. Each day consists of four hours intensive teaching. This course demands a full-time commitment from the participants. It is expected that the students have time in the afternoons for revision and practice.

Chewa Proverb Collection

Cozingwa sicilira nkhata.
If you have nothing you don't ask a grass ring (for carrying burdens on the head).
(The grass ring is used to carry heavy burdens and usually one needs some help to put the heavy loads on one's head. For one alone the grass ring is of no use. If you know you are poor, take courage and carry your cross.)
Proverb No 161 collected by Toon van Kessel
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Bemba Proverb Collection

Ukulya kwalafishe ulukufu.
Greediness made the tick forget. (He forgot to be careful and so was killed by the person whose blood he was taking.)
Kankombeleshe...' Kale muno caalo inkufu mumayanda shalesuma abantu, no kubaleetela ubulwele bwamufwenenena no kumfwa impepo kunshita ya cungulo. Ubu bulwele bwaleipaya abantu abengi. Ubushiku bumo umuntu ali mutulo, ulukufu nalo lwaikalilefye ukonka umulopa mumuntu, bwasuka bwaca, umuntu alusanga nalumusuma lukashike na cee! Umuntu e pa kusosa 'Ukulya kwalafishe lukufu. Lunsumine ubushiku bonse." Alutoola aluposa na mumulilo, lwapya. Ukwilula kutila, mune endesha ukulya bwangu tuleya inshita yapwa, pantu ifipondo kuti fyaisa tusanga pano fyatwipaya. Ukulya teo emulimo waba weka iyoo. (1.182)
Proverb No 1348 collected by Frank Carey
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Language & Culture Courses 2017

Intensive courses Chinyanja and Chibemba

10 weeks

Dates: 21 August - 27 October 2017.

Teaching takes place Monday - Friday, 09:00 - 12:30 hours

Fees: 3500 kwacha. Course materials: 500 Kwacha. Subject to revision.

Possibilities of accommodation: inquire from

All aspects of grammar and basic vocabulary are covered.
The course is based on the White Fathers' Intensive language course of N. Salaun (for Nyanja) and Louis Oger (for Bemba).

The White Fathers' language courses are built on solid linguistic foundations and are at the same time very practical. White Fathers have an experience of teaching Zambian languages for more than 100 years.

Course materials include course books, dictionaries, proverbs, handouts and audio CDs.


Welcome to Zambia Programme (two weeks)

Dates: to be arranged upon inquiry

Teaching 09:00 - 12:30 every day, Monday to Friday, with possibilities to have teaching sessions in the afternoon.

Fees: 2000 kwacha (subject to revision)

This course gives an overview over Zambian history, economics, politics, the cultural sphere, the religious life. It is not only designed for newcomers to Zambia! Topics:

For accommodation and prices you may inquire from