Workshop on Healing and Deliverance: 25—28 March 2019

People’s spiritual afflictions but also their fascination and preoccupation with the presence of witchcraft and occultism need a serious pastoral engagement. Many priests and Parishes have left this concern in the hands of the charismatic ministries of healing and deliverance—unsupervised. Others ignore the issue as phantasms in people’s minds. But the shocking presence of ritual crime, the soft boundary between traditional medicines and practices of witchcraft, and corresponding panics reveal a moral crisis that the Church needs to address—professionally.

FENZA offers a four-days’ interactive course, to equip priests, sisters and engaged lay-people, with important tools for this ministry. It will be led by Father Bernhard Udelhoven, author of Unseen Worlds: Dealing with Spirits, Witchcraft, and Satanism.

Teaching takes place in the mornings and afternoons. The programme also includes exposures and interaction with traditional healers and healing churches in Bauleni Compound. There will also be time for discussion and reflection about own pastoral experiences.

Day 1: Ground work

Day 2: Helping the possessed

Day 3: Witchcraft

Day 4: Satanism and new forms of occultism

There is need to register for the programme with the director of FENZA: Email the or just pass by in Bauleni and visit FENZA.