photo magic show (with Fr. Paolo)


photo workshop on witchcraft


Dealing with witchcraft: 25—28 March 2019

A course for priests, religous sisters, catechists, and leaders in charismatic healing and deliverance ministries, presenting a method of pastorally dealing with concrete cases of witchraft, spirit possession and/or Satanism. The course is given by Bernhard Udelhoven (author of "Unseen Worlds") and contains elements of interaction with traditional healers.

Outline of the course


Workshops and Seminars

FENZA hosts various teams who offer workshops and seminars on cultural and religious topics, conducted with reference to people's backgrounds and expectations. Time-frame and ways of running the workshops are flexible. FENZA teams can be called for workshops at Parish, Deanery and Diocesan levels, but also to schools, colleges and other institutions. Seminars can be held in English, Bemba or Nyanja. FENZA promotes a multi-dimensional and dialogical approach to pastoral, cultural and religious issues, and has an ecumenical focus. So far we have offered workshops on the following topics:

All workshops are pastorally oriented. FENZA is a non-profit making organisation. Fees are usually asked to meet the expenses of the workshops, but we try to keep the fees as low as possible. We aim at wide and varied participation.

FENZA research

Where mandated, FENZA carries out specific research on cultural and religious topics in Zambia. In the Document Section you may find some of the research reports.