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The following publications and documents (in PDF format) have been moved into this archive from the main listing. Although they may be less current or relevant for most readers than items in the main listing, they are kept here for their ongoing research value. Entries are listed by the author's surname.

Anon. 2008–2009.

Churches/Christian communities in Bauleni compound (Lusaka)

Bauleni is a small compound in Lusaka, with approximately 20,000–25,000 inhabitants. This document gives some details on the 83 churches found in Bauleni in 2008/2009.

Oger, Louis. 2002.

Witchcraft: An integral part of inculturation

Witchcraft beliefs and practices have posed a challenge to Western missionaries in Zambia for more than a century. The Church must now choose what Christianity will look like 100 years from now.

St-Arneault, Serge. December 2009.

Witchcraft! What is the right question?

This short article, written in response to a number of newspaper articles on witchcraft in Malawi, argues that witchcraft is there because we want it to be. But the question is: What do we want in life?

Udelhoven, Bernhard. February 2009.

Satanism, modern life, and the Gospel of Prosperity

Current concepts of Satanism in Zambia are linked to a dualistic worldview, enhanced by popular strands of born-again Pentecostal theology.

Udelhoven, Bernhard, and the Fingers of Thomas. March 2009.

Satanism in Zambia: A pastoral challenge

Background information on the challenges faced by pastoral agents in the "era" of Satanism in Zambia.