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by Kasama Fimbusa Group & Pierre Lafollie

Available in two editions:
Bemba–English edition (642 pages)
Bemba only edition (360 pages).

The book is for sale only to practising initiators (ifimbusa or alangizi) and to academic researchers. It is not for sale to the general public. Hence it is not available on Amazon.

The two editions are available at FENZA and also at Kasama. You may request it from director@fenza.org.

Bemba-only edition: 250 Kwacha
Bemba - English edition: 350 Kwacha

Bemba - English edition:

book cover

Bemba-only edition:

book cover

Title: Ifimbusa

Authors: Kasama Fimbusa Group, Pierre Lafollie

Publisher: FENZA

Publication date: September 2018 (both editions).

Binding: Paperback (US Trade Paper)

Bemba–English edition: 
6.69 x 9.61 inches (642 pages)

Bemba-only edition: 
6 x 9 inches (360 pages)

Distribution in Zambia: FENZA,
Fimbusa Group Kasama

List price:
Bemba–English edition: 350 Kwacha
Bembo-only edition: 250 Kwacha

Review copies: available from director@fenza.org