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FENZA groups and activities are open to all interested people. You are welcome to join!

Fingers of Thomas

The name of the group comes from the Apostle Thomas (aka "Doubting Thomas") who insisted on finding the truth through his own experiences rather than merely relying on other people's testimonies.

Initially the "Fingers" group was formed to investigate rumours of witchcraft and Satanism, especially among young people. Through many contacts with diverse churches and faiths, the group developed a keen interest in visiting and praying with people of all backgrounds, in "putting the finger", and seeing how different people experience their faith and the spiritual world.

Contact persons: Phillip Lupiya (0977123419), Mrs Kasonde (0977462011), Kombe Kambole (0979371130).

Click here for more information on the Fingers of Thomas and their ecumenical methodology of encounter.


Ifimbusa is a group of Christian traditional midwives and initiators (both women and men) who have a keen and open interest in Zambian initiation rites and who also pass on their knowledge to interested groups and individuals regarding marriage instruction, traditional teachings, etc. As the name suggests, the group "grew up" with Bemba rites, but members are interested in the initiation rites of ethnic groups all over Zambia.

The instructors meet once a month, and from time to time they organise study sessions for themselves. Teaching sessions for interested groups usually last from 3 to 5 days (and nights). They also give short sessions for schools, usually lasting a day.

Click here for more information on Ifimbusa.

FENZA group of Ethno-Psychiatrists

This group of traditional healers meets regularly at FENZA to share their knowledge about treating mental illnesses.

Traditional healers have been sidelined by the Christian churches in Zambia, yet many healers have a lot to offer, including in areas where Western medicine has failed to provide treatment adapted to the Zambian reality.

The group is coordinated by Fr. Patrick Mumbi. For more information, write to patrickmulenga2001@yahoo.fr.