Faith and Encounter Centre Zambia

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for Faiths and Cultures in Zambia


The White Fathers' language courses at FENZA cover all aspects of grammar and basic vocabulary. They are built on solid linguistic foundations and are at the same time very practical. White Fathers have had experience teaching Zambian languages for more than 100 years.

The Welcome to Zambia culture course consists of topic-oriented sessions given by specialists in the respective field.

Possibilities for accommodation while taking these courses are available. Inquire by writing to the director@fenza.org.

2022 Chinyanja courses

1st course: 14 February 2022 — 08 April 2022.

2nd course: 27 June 2022 — 12 August 2022.

3rd course: 5th September 2022 — 29th October 2022.

Teaching takes place Monday–Friday, 09:00–12:30 hours.

ees: 3500 kwacha (subject to revision).

Course materials: available for a modest price at FENZA.

The course is based on the White Fathers' intensive language course developed by N. Salaun.

Ichibemba course

We nolonger offer Bemba courses at FENZA, but we can arrange it, in one of our missions, for those who need it.

Basic Introduction to Bible

19 July 2022 — 20 July 2022.

Pastoral Approach to Ecumenism

9 August 2022 — 10 August 2022.

Care for Mother Earth as a concern for all (Laudato Si)

6 September 2022 — 7 September 2022.

Approach to the challenge of Witchcraft in Society

4 October 2022 — 5 October 2022.

Training for Transformation (TFT) to Empower Communities

8 November 2022 — 9 November 2022.

2022 Welcome to Zambia programme

1st course: 20 — 24 June 2022  (4 days)

Teaching takes place Monday–Friday, 09:00–12:30 and 14:00–17:00 hours.

Fees: 3000 Kwacha (subject to revision).

This course gives an overview of Zambian history, economics, politics, cultures, and religious life. It is designed for all, not only newcomers to Zambia! Topics include:

  • Pre-colonial and colonial history of Zambia
  • Basic "rules of behaviour" (the do's and don'ts)
  • Kinship, family and rules of belonging
  • Costs of living and economics in Zambia
  • The reality of homeless children
  • Traditional education and initiation
  • Initiation rites (participatory)
  • Politics in Zambia
  • The role of chiefs
  • Traditional healers and healing in Zambia
  • Witchcraft and the occult
  • Religions and worldviews
  • New churches and religious movements in Zambia