Faith and Encounter Centre Zambia

A Catholic Resource Centre
for Faiths and Cultures in Zambia


Open Monday–Friday, 08:00–16:00 hours.
Saturday: 08:00–14:00 hours.

Closed on Sundays & public holidays.


The library is for consultation only, not for borrowing. Current membership fees (2021) are 50 Kwacha for one month or 200 Kwacha for one year. The daily fee without a membership is 15 Kwacha. Photocopying, printing, scanning and laminating services are available for a modest fee.

E-libraries at FENZA

FENZA is a member of the Zambia Library Consortium (ZALICO). Through this membership, FENZA provides online access to academic journals and many other resources from JSTOR, EBSCOhost, and other major e-libraries and databases. This service is available onsite at FENZA and Library fees apply. Please consult the librarian about how to access these digital resources.

Click on E-libraries at FENZA to see what is on offer.

FENZA Archives

Most Catholic parishes in the Dioceses of Kasama, Mpika, Mansa, and Chipata were founded by the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers). The Archives at FENZA contain diaries of many mission stations in these dioceses, some of them dating back more than 100 years. They provide a glimpse into the day to day living of the people and of missionaries, and also give eye-witness accounts of key events that mark Zambian history.

The Archives also contain a wealth of other documents and materials, including early publications, correspondence, private diaries, reports, photographs, drawings, newspaper cuttings, instructions on pastoral policy, field notes, scholarly research, and dictionaries of several Zambian languages.

The Archives are for consultation only. Membership fees for the Archives are the same as for the Library. Those who wish to use both the Library and the Archives can take advantage of a special combined rate: 70 kwacha for one month or 250 kwacha for one year. The daily combined fee without a membership is 20 kwacha. There is also a modest additional fee for using digital cameras. These fees are necessary to help maintain the Archives.

FENZA Archives catalogue
The Archives catalogue can be downloaded, and you can use the search function of MS-Word to browse through it. (Word.doc)

A guide to the FENZA Archives
By Marja Hinfelaar & Giacomo Macola. (Word.doc)