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Our privacy and cookies policy


This website (http://fenza.org and https://fenza.org) presents FENZA activities to the public. It does not collect personal data (names, addresses, email, phone numbers, etc) from its users, and does not engage commercial advertising.

This website produces and stores log files of activities on its domain (fenza.org). These logs contain information about visitors' IP addresses, date and time of access, time zone, pages of the FENZA website visited, files downloaded, referring websites, and browser specifications. The FENZA team can use these logs in order to prepare anonymous statistics about website traffic on its domain. Log files and statistics are not passed on to third parties.

FENZA publishes some of its books/publications through ʺKindle Direct Publishingʺ (Amazon) and ʺIngramSparkʺ, and maintains links to FENZA products on external websites. These companies are guided by their own privacy policies, which can be found on the respective websites (kdp.amazon.com and ingramspark.com.)

FENZA maintains an email list for notification purposes (newsletters, announcements of events and of new publications). This list is compiled and maintained not through this website, but by the director of FENZA. If you want to be part of the email list, or if you want to be removed from it, just drop a line to director@fenza.org.


A cookie (also known as "browser cookie" or "internet cookie") is a small file, made of letters and numbers, which will be stored on the computer, mobile device or other equipment that is used by the visitor to browse the Internet. Cookies are installed by the web browser (for example Chrome or Firefox), after the web server sends a specific instruction. You can instruct your webbrowser to enable or to differentially block cookies, according to cookie types (essential cookies, third party cookies, etc.)

This website (fenza.org) does not set cookies on your viewing device, unless you make use of some services that we employ in the restricted area: (1) in view of authenticating access, and (2) in view of determining the beginning and the end of a session.

At present, to the best of our knowledge, only the following services/applications set cookies:

If you do not want any cookies to be set on your viewing device, you can disable cookies in your browser settings. The FENZA website will still be fully functional, except for some parts of the restricted area.

This website does not read or store cookies brought along from a user's visits to other websites, nor does it pass on cookies for advertisement tracking.

This website does not make use of tracking divices such as "tracking pixels", "beacons" or "transparent pixels".

There exist several procedures to find out if cookies are set on your device, and about their sizes, values, and usage. If you use the Chrome browser, right-click on any webpage of the fenza.org domain and chose Inspect in the context menu. This will open up the Chrome developer console. Go to the Applications tab. On the leftern side, in the Storage section, expand the Cookies dropdown. Here you find the specific information under the "fenza.org" website (or other websites that you use). (Other browsers have similar functions.)