Our privacy policy

This website (www.fenza.org) does not collect personal data (names, addresses, email, phone numbers, etc) from its users.

However, FENZA keeps and maintains an email list for notification purposes (newsletters, announcements of events and of new publications). This list is compiled and maintained not by this website, but by the director of FENZA. If you want to be part of the email list, or if you want to be removed from it, just drop a line to director@fenza.org.

This website presents FENZA activities to the public, but it does not engage commercial advertising.

Our website contains photos about our activities. We try to obtain permission from the people who are depicted. However, not every person on every picture was expressively asked for permission. We will take down any photo immediately when asked so by any member of the public. Photos on this website that depict people (apart from FENZA staff and authors) must not be reproduced on any website or stored on any device. We never give permission to commercially exploit any photo depicted on this website. (See our Legal Notice.)

FENZA publishes some of its books through "Kindle Direct Publishing" (Amazon) or through "IngramSpark" and maintains links to our products on their external websites. If you buy our publications through their services, they will collect personal data in the process of your purchase. The companies are guided by their own privacy policies which can be found on the respective websites (kdp.amazon.com and ingramspark.com.)