Faith and Encounter Centre Zambia

A Catholic Resource Centre
for Faiths and Cultures in Zambia


Basic Introduction to Bible

19 July 2022 — 20 July 2022.

Pastoral Approach to Ecumenism

9 August 2022 — 10 August 2022.

Care for Mother Earth as a concern for all (Laudato Si)

6 September 2022 — 7 September 2022.

Approach to the challenge of Witchcraft in Society

4 October 2022 — 5 October 2022.

Training for Transformation (TFT) to Empower Communities

8 November 2022 — 9 November 2022.

FENZA hosts teams that offer workshops and seminars on a variety of cultural and religious topics, according to people's backgrounds and expectations. Time-frames and methods for running the workshops are flexible. There is also a choice of languages.

Workshop teams at FENZA promote a multi-dimensional and dialogical approach to issues, and have an ecumenical focus. So far, workshops and seminars have been offered on the following topics:

  • Cultural changes
  • The variety of different churches in Zambia
  • Christian prophecy
  • Dreams
  • Faith healing and the Gospel of Prosperity
  • Bemba initiation rites (for marriage instructors and couples)
  • Spirit possession
  • Witchcraft
  • Satanism in Zambia
  • Inculturation

All workshops are pastorally oriented. FENZA is a non-profit-making organisation. Fees are normally charged to cover workshop expenses, but we try to keep the fees as low as possible. We aim for wide and varied participation.